Global Sourcing Coordinator

#1 Responsibility is the on-time delivery of quality product.
Keys Focus:
  1. Communication
      a. Daily factory communications
      b. Internal communications about customer orders, product, delivery changes
      c. RMC communications – tags, labels, in bound shipments
      d. Internal communication to art department and licensing to verify only licensed approved items are in production
      e. Proactively pushing factories for data, information, strike-offs or other approvals to ensure on time delivery
 2. Data Analysis & PO Issuance
     a. Analyzing customer orders and issuing PO’s accurately and quickly to factories
     b. Entry of PO data into system and updating prices and deliveries as needed
     c. Analyzing cost data for end of month inventory and up front to ensure costing meets our margin requirements
     d. Tracking artwork to ensure it has been sent and approved for production
     e. Monitoring factory production schedules to ensure on time delivery
     f. Checking factories monthly capacity to ensure on time delivery
     g. Sending hangtags or other special trims to factories in a timely manner
 3. Approvals
     a. Checking artwork prior to it going to factory for production
     b. Checking strike-offs and handlooms and prints prior to production to ensure compliance
 4. Quality
     a. Identifying key customer orders that need to be audited prior to shipment to USA
     b. Sending internal audit reports daily to factories and answering their questions
     c. Continued focus on quality to ensure factories continued improvement & only first quality merchandise is received.
     d. Coordinating QC audits with our third party inspectors & analyzing and communicating results
 5. Travel
     a. Overseas on the ground checking of factories to ensure quality and on time delivery of all orders
     b. Overseas checking of factory facilities, capacities and policies to ensure compliance with our codes of conduct
 6. Wearing lots of hats
     a. Flexibility and willingness to help others when needed, even on tasks outside normal job description
     b. Willingness to learn new things, ask questions and help find solutions.


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