1. Data Analyst
  a. Running reports from retailer data system
  b. Analyzing weekly POS (Point of Sale) data and on hand inventory
  c. Analyzing data to identify opportunities and challenges
  d. Sending reports with replenishment recommendations
  e. Forecasting f. Utilizing top selling teams/stores/items to identify additional sales opportunities
2. Data Set Up (LANSA/Internal)
  a. Customer finished goods entry
  b. Garment spec data (customer finishing)
  c. Assign UPC codes and enter
  d. Enter customer Item numbers / BCN
3. Data Set up (Retailer/External)
  a. Item number set up in retailer system
  b. Pack size /configuration
  c. Cost
  d. League
4. Customer orders
  a. Order Entry
  b. Order Release
  c. Order Management to ensure on time delivery
5. Communication /External
  a. Responding to buying team questions and requests
  b. Store calls
  c. Store returns
6. Communication / Internal
  a. Coordinating with development on customer designs
  b. Sending Artwork replication requests
  c. Verifying licensing status per item or team
  d. Working with sourcing on projected customer needs by style and team
  e. Verifying quality testing status and approvals with sourcing
  f. Requesting blanks and/or additional inventory as needed
7. Budget Numbers / External / For customers
  a. Analyzing actual shipments vs. plan
  b. Analyzing actual budget dollars vs. plan
  c. Weekly flow numbers
8. Budget Numbers / Internal
  a. Monthly budget projections (sales $ and sales units) by league
  b. Compare budget to actual (monthly)
  c. Forecasting to ensure all inventory is shipped
9. Wearing lots of hats
  a. Flexibility and willingness to help others when needed, even on tasks outside normal job description
  b. Willingness to learn new things, ask questions and help find solutions
  c. Ability and desire to learn and help us grow our sales and reduce our inventory


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